Gulsum Keskinoglu was born in 1989 in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey and graduated from the Isparta Anatolian Fine Art High School Department of Painting. Keskinoglu also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Mugla Faculty of Fine Arts , Department of Sculpture.

From early on in her school years , Gulsum participated in various national group exhibitions. The artist started her first ceramic studio experience with ceramic artist Tevfik Turen Karagozoglu in Bodrum. Simultaneously, she also created her own artwork and opened her first solo exhibition in Bodrum, in 2015.

Gulsum, as an international sculpture and ceramic artist, has relied heavily upon a Turkish upbringing in order to showcase subjects and objects related to sociological, political, and conventional pressures women face on a daily basis. Drawing from personal experience and historical facts to produce works that both demonstrate and express not only the suffering a woman may endure but also their resilience in a desperate situation. Looking to build upon the opening of a solo debut exhibition that comprised a significant number of art pieces and sculptures that used over 100000 needles and transparent linolium to highlight the boundaries women are held to as well as their emotional state of mind that comes from living in a restrictive society. Published in Artpeoplegallery.com “Things That We Know” February 2016, the artworks represent the psychological pain and fear women feel.

In 2014, she moved to and currently lives in New York City.